(16)Easy Acrylic Pouring_It’s easy to make this pattern_Designer Gemma77_Please Subscribe and Share.

First, I’ll pour white acrylic paint on the canvas. Acrylic paint and Glue-All mixed 1: 1. I’ll unfold it with a bad card. I’ll pour yellow acrylic paint on the empty spot. Now I’ll draw lines with acrylic paints of different colors. There are no rules. Where you want to go feeling like ~ I’m going to try a fork now. ㅋ This way, you can make patterns. But the pattern is not made beautiful. Hmm … I have to erase everything. And I’ll pour the paint again. Shadow. I lost my shots in the middle of shooting but I did not know it and I worked to the end. So this is the first one. I’ll pour the paint again to show the process. ㅠ I have not made much of the paint I made. I’ll pour it down to the floor and pour it. Voila! This is the secret of the secret !! Dumb! It’s “Shaped”. Breathe deeply ~ Be beautiful at once ~ There was no pattern on the bottom. ㅠ If so, Ahak! The bottom is another … So this time, Oh ~ There is an elaborate pattern in the lower left part. Now you have a last stroke left. Boldly, I will finish the work of today that had many twists and turns.

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