College 9: Global Connectivity

At College Nine, we provide young people tangible and thoughtful ways of engaging, learning from, and appreciating international and global perspectives. As a campus hub of interaction between domestic and international students at UC Santa Cruz, College Nine fosters cross-cultural exchange in recognition of global interconnectivity and with aspirations towards global citizenship. GLAD is the Global Leadership and Development club and through the program we learn about different issues around the world and talk about how what would be good solutions to resolve them. College Nine Pathway to Distinction encouraged me to study abroad in order to have a more holistic learning experience. combining travel and study to explore and learn about new cultures. Global Action is a class at College Nine where a bunch of students come together to talk about issues of the world like, access to education, womens’ rights, and cultural appropriation and how that impacts us as college students, and what we can do to change that. As an RA for iFloor, I’ve been able to hang out and meet a lot of people who have this passion for meeting people from other cultures. At the International Living Center we provide cross-cultural communication experience and we go off campus and we do really really cool off campus programs I’ve been here since the opening of College Nine in 2000, Our vision hasn’t wavered as we continue to work with our students to develop robust, thoughtful, and provocative programs that reflect our theme of international and global perspectives. As one of the newest colleges, we have fabulous young alumni but limited resources. Your contribution will sustain our vision and assist us in preparing our students to enter the next stage of their lives as engaged and conscientious global citizens. Game on!

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