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If your wireless capable HP printer is installed in Windows using a USB cable, you can convert the connection to wireless from the HP software for your printer. Before converting a USB to a wireless connection, the following are required: a wireless network, the SSID or network name, the wireless password, and a computer with the printer installed using a USB cable. The computer must be connected to the wireless network on which you intend to install the printer. All devices must be powered on and functioning correctly. In Windows, click the Start button. Type your printer name or model and select it from the results. It might be necessary to enter only part of the model number to populate the results with the HP software. From the navigation menu of the HP Printer Assistant, click Utilities or Tools. Click Device Setup and Software or Printer Setup and Software. If prompted, click Run, Continue, or Yes to
allow changes to Windows. Click Convert a USB connected device to wireless or Convert a USB connected printer to wireless. Select how Network Setup retrieves your wireless settings. Selecting Yes allows Network Setup to check your Windows network information or your router for the wireless settings and adds them to your printer automatically. Selecting No requires knowing your wireless settings and manually entering them into Network Setup. With your option selected, click Next. Verify the detected network information is
correct and then select Yes. If the information listed is not correct,
select No to manually enter the wireless settings. Click Next. Network Setup applies the wireless settings to the printer, installs the network driver, and then connects the printer to the wireless network. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer
and then the computer. Click Next. Temporary installation files are removed from your computer. If necessary, read and respond to any remaining prompts. Resume printing using the converted connection.

51 thoughts on “Converting an HP Printer from a USB to a Wireless Connection in Windows | HP Printers | HP

  1. what if my wifi is disabled (officejet 252 AIO) , this was done during "IT managed " setup .. reset to factory defaults is not working ..

  2. Hello, how to do it for a Photosmart 5510 ?
    I've the lastest firmware, drivers and the Printer Setup software installed. I do not have any option to change to convert the USB printer to a wireless one.
    The touch screen is not working, it seems this is a known issue for this model.
    Do you have any recommendation to change update the wireless settinsg of this printer ?

  3. Hi, i have configured my HP 3636 on my wireless router and now i can print from any devices. How do i secure the printer coz anyone can access my printer by selecting WIFI direct option as the SSID of the printer is still visible. Thanks

  4. Doesnt work. I always have problems connecting HP and everyone else I know does too. HP is garbage and I will never personally buy one.

  5. why is scanning not compatible with usb supported printers? I set my HP DeskJet 3755 as USB connected over wireless and in HP smart it says that scanning is not supported unless wireless.

  6. I use HP Deskjet 1510 print, connected by USB to my pc with Windows 10 OS. So I would like to share it to other pcs connected ton my box

  7. why the En3700 print server not work with hp laserjet 1020 if the Hp support say it is compatible, please can you say me how do it?

  8. Im using HP deskjet 1510 all-in-one series. "Convert a USB connected device to wireless or Convert a USB connected printer to wireless", none of these options were present as I followed the steps. Does this mean my printer is not capable of being converted to a wireless connection?

  9. Is it possible to connect the router to the USB port of the printer (using an Ethernet-USB adapter say) and then to make the printer wireless?

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