Google Wifi Mesh Router Review // Still GREAT in 2019?

This is Google Wi-Fi. It claims to be a smart
and simple mesh Wi-Fi system. Basically if you have Wi-Fi
problems Google Wi-Fi should be able to fix it. These have been out
for almost two years but are they still great? I’m Titus. This is The Search For Awesome. And this is my Google
Wi-Fi Review. One interesting thing
that Google claims is Google Wi-Fi smartly
manages the traffic of the devices trying
to connect your Wi-Fi. It does this auto magically so
at all times so you are getting the best Wi-Fi experience. Personally I think this might
be its best feature although I might just be falling
for their marketing because maybe other routers do
this to some degree but I’ve been using it for a few
weeks now and I’ve almost run into like no Wi-Fi
issues whereas my previous Wi-Fi system when given to me
by AT&T I had lots of problems. One thing to Wi-Fi allows
you to do is to give priority to certain devices
on your network. So let’s say I was live
streaming on my MacBook or something. I can make sure that the
network gives as much bandwidth as possible
to my laptop and you can even do something as simple
as controlling the brightness of the Wi-Fis
LED I turn mine off because one of them is next to a
TV and another one is in a bedroom. And neither of those places do
any that light in terms of speed. I’d have just 60
megabits per second. And now I get that speed
all throughout my house. I think a lot of you are going
to be just as interested on how easy it is to set up
as you are and how well it blankets your
house and Wi-Fi goodness. Now they sell these as just
one unit. And also as a three
pack My house is two stories and 2000 square feet. So it might be small enough
for just one but I’ll probably need at
least two of these. And look at that. That’s a nice looking box. Now on the bottom here
you can see there’s like a spot to charge it. USB-C style and then two
Ethernet jacks. So I just set up the Google
Wi-Fi and it seems like it’s going to be
a pretty fast process. I need to just plug
the Ethernet from my modem into it and then plug
this into the wall. And there you go. It is now flashing blue. That means it’s ready for me
to set up with the app. But before I do that I’m
going to go plug another one of these into a wall upstairs. Okeydoke. Those are both set up. One thing that is probably
worth noting is you do need a smartphone to set
up Google Wi-Fi and Android or an iPhone will do. So I’m downloading the Google
Wi-Fi app right now. OK says Google Wi-Fi point
found and so it’s telling me to select my primary Wi-Fi. Point. It’s this one. So now wants me to get
a picture of little code at the very bottom
so I’ll be right back. So after I took that picture it
has been doing all kinds of things and I like the
animations here. So now it’s asking if I hooked
up other Wi-Fi points and now I have to scan another QR code. Okay so just installing
software updates right now for the Google Wi-Fi. The whole process of doing
this is like 10 minutes. That’s really fast
and it’s just kind of doing all the hard work
for you which is awesome. Now I do have fiber internet
from AT&T and I can upgrade my speed to one gigabit at
basically any time I want to. I don’t mind paying a bit more. So I was curious about
what is the max speed that this Wi-Fi system supports. I didn’t have a way of testing
this so I looked online and trusted reviews claims
it doesn’t really get much faster than about
500 megabits per second. But as you can see here that’s
sort of the best case scenario because as you get further
and further away from your main router speeds can drop to as low
as 50 megabits per second which I will note
is still pretty good speed but maybe not fantastic. I also took advantage of its
ability to set up a guest network within the Google
Wi-Fi app. So I can let guests use
my Wi-Fi without having access to my entire network. And what’s cool is in the app
the passwords to both of my networks
are really easy to find inside the app. But I would like to see some
more smarts here like a way to maybe push a button
on the Wi-Fi unit and then give a guest
internet access auto magically but this works
well enough. I think what I like most
is that Google Wi-Fi just doesn’t get in the way it just
makes things really easy and even after you’ve set
it up there’s a test you can run within the Wi-Fi app
to make sure that your Wi-Fi units are getting good
internet signal and can communicate well if they’re
close enough together if you do that test
and then it gives you a thumbs up and then
you should be just fine. It has family friendly options
where you can limit your kids devices access to the Internet. So for your kids phone laptop
tablet you can enable Google safe search and that will
help keep their innocent eyes from things they shouldn’t see. Although from what I understand
this isn’t exactly a magic bullet but it’s good to have
you can set timers to lock your kids devices off
the internet like let’s say during dinnertime or maybe at
nighttime or you could just use this feature to annoy your wife. Not that I would ever do
that and through the app you can even set it up
to allow you to control your network on the go. So if you’re traveling
and little Timmy isn’t behaving you can just flip off his Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is for good
little boys TImmy. Now I didn’t get around
to trying this but it even has Google home
and echo support. So in theory you can control
your Wi-Fi with your voice. Now Google Wi-Fi is made
by Google right so they love collecting data. To be honest this concerns
me a bit because they could in theory
use my awesome new Wi-Fi to see
everything that I’m doing on the Internet. One thing that does give me
comfort though is according to CNET Google says the Wi-Fi
doesn’t collect user activity data like what sites you’re
visiting and by default it only appears to collect
like hardware app and network related
information although you can disable that inside
the Wi-Fi app if you please. One last thing I will mention
is for my day job I sometimes you have to work from home
and to do that I have to access my works VPN and my old router
did a horrible job of kicking me off constantly from the VPN. I have to reconnect
reauthenticate. It was very annoying
with Google Wi-Fi. This just doesn’t happen nearly
as much. It does happen from time
to time still but it’s much more workable. It’s like once every four hours. Maybe I’ll get kicked off. So conclusion time CNET
says that Google Wi-Fi is the best way to blanket
your entire home with Wi-Fi. And I can’t help but agree. Normally Google updates their
products on a yearly basis but perhaps this Wi-Fi router
was so ahead of its time that I guess they figured
why fix what isn’t broken so they haven’t updated
in a while but it’s still great but I’ll be frank I don’t
know if this is the best Wi-Fi mesh on the market but this
has met and exceeded my expectations. It’s just crazy easy to manage
and crazy easy to setup. I’m sure there are more cost
effective options because this isn’t exactly
a cheap Wi-Fi system but this one is very
popular and there is what I like to call safety
in numbers when it comes to tech. It’s kind of like this like
if you remember recently when the iPhone
was accused of having a beauty mode on their newest iPhones. It was like front page
everywhere and even though it wasn’t exactly true it seemed
like it was more of a bug. But tons of people were upset
and Apple was forced to fix the issue and sort of like that
Google Wi-Fi is very popular and if there’s an issue
they will be accountable and it’s backed by Google
and I sort of kind of blindly trust Google even
though I probably shouldn’t. In any case if your
current Wi-Fi setup isn’t doing it for you I can
absolutely recommend Google Wi-Fi. Thanks for watching and if
you don’t mind let me know what you thought
with a like or dislike and if you really liked it. Please subscribe
because I have more tech content just like this
coming up very soon. Thanks again. And I guess I’ll see you next
time when The Search For Awesome continues.

100 thoughts on “Google Wifi Mesh Router Review // Still GREAT in 2019?

  1. I bought the 3 pack didn't reach 2 nd story so I bought another still didn't work so I bought a 5th! still can't watch Netflix upstairs support was no help I'm taking this pos back to Bestbuy for a refund of over $500

  2. I have been using Google Wi-Fi since just before Thanksgiving. Initially, things were fine. Now it is the most frustrating device that I own. I have been talking to customer service (in Southeast Asia) on a daily basis, several hours a day. They can't explain how my ISP provides 100 MBPS yet my devices only produce 5 or fewer Mbps. They've had me reset the mesh units five or six times. The list of things they've had me do are endless and of course, none of them work. Of course, I can't take the Google Wi-Fi back because it's purchased at Best Buy and you only get 30 days. So I'm stuck with this crap. Watching television or movie on my fire stick is frustrating because the buffering is ridiculous. Initially, I could watch a movie or television and it was great.

  3. So does it boost speeds or just amplify the signal so it has more range?

    I have terrible internet with 800 kb/s with Ethernet and it makes it impossible to play online without hotspots.

  4. Hello! I have one router, can I buy a second one and will they be connected with each other? I used to buy one, but he was from Finland and not from the USA and did not want to connect with my first one. Or should the second router be bought exclusively in the country where the first one is purchased?

  5. Do you think that once every four hours a broken VPN- connection is acceptable? I would lose the nerves if this happened even if only once a week!

  6. There is a couple of issues, all of which can be solved with software updates.

    1. Cant permanently assign device priority – This is a problem for gamers. There is no reason not to give your Roku permanent device prioritization.
    2. You cant put a device into two groups (tags) – If your childs notebook is in a group called "kids", it cant be in a group called "all screens".

    Both of these issues I have can be solved with software updates, but havent thus far.

  7. Costco has a 4 pack on sale for $299.99. Question: Can I use just two of the four and give the other two to someone else to use?

  8. Hi, was using the velop mesh did solve my dead wifi spots issues..I live in singapore, BTO(built to order)flat,92 square metres.The main problem is the metal beams in walls n bomb shelter room,preventing signals going across the entire flat.The issues i had was with the app n ipv6/4(Think that's how it's called)Not sure which but was unable to access the webpage according to tech support. Thinking of giving G.Wifi a try in afew months😁

  9. Does it work well with connecting to xbox live? My netgear extender drops the signal a lot and when I try and sign into games like Fortnite, it cannot verify my login for some reason.

  10. Best WIFI i ever had. BUT THEY DONT OFFER SEAMLESS TRANSFER BETWEEN NODES (!!!!). Your Wifi Drops and connects again.

    Also very bad overall network integration, for anyone who needs to do things on their network, DONT BUY IT. Better good network instead of only good wifi. My opinion.

  11. EERO is the way to go… the setup, the speed, the coverage, everything is SO good. I've heard a mixed bag on the Google stuff personally.

  12. I have the velop by linksys but mine is crap. Service is slow . I have 400 mbps/ 20 and I only get 300 in the wire and the wifi is only 100 mbps so it not worth the money.

  13. Horrible for home automation, DO NOT BUY if you plan on using this for home automation.

    When I got mine you had the option to assign your SSDI to 2.4 or 5 Ghz to either guest or primary.

    That option is now gone with an update months ago.

    You need your phone's wifi to connect to a 2.4 so you can bridge your 2.4 ghz smart device to Google wifi but it will auto connect unless you have an old phone that allows to choose what frequency.

    Google Wifi support solution? Walk outside until your phone connects only to a 2.4 Ghz … NOT ACCEPTABLE , other than that it is a great router

  14. Best decision ever made. I have 16 devices connected and not a single glitch. It's amazing. Plus I work from home on a VPN never had a issue.

  15. They need to add a battery to it. This would not be hard to do and would provide a great home mesh wifi experience. Being able to just pick up a puck and move it to a back patio while your entertaining guests without keeping it outside would be great.

    Or having access to your wifi during a power outage. I know what your thinking if you have no power you have no internet. I have many other IoT devices such as cameras that run off of a battery that honestly are a PAIN and don't all ways reconnect automatically. Perhaps its my current router and if I get this it will solve the re-connection issue, but having a battery for short surges and brown outs would keep my home security system going and that would be a major win.

    Or in the next intervention of this hardware make it POE and allow each mesh device to be hardwired. Sure its designed to be simple, but with IoT becoming a staple in home development having a bit more capability would be great.

  16. I have 7 of these. Works great with my Airbnb. Only thing is that people think it’s google home and unplug them :(.

  17. Just bought the three pack today because I was having distance issues with wifi range. I've only had these for a day, but the issue has seemed to disappear and it took all of 15 minutes to set these up! Great review! And after watching I happened to see you are below 10000 subs and was really surprised. The quality of this video is top notch my man!definitely subscribing and can't wait to watch more of your videos!

  18. Great review. I recently debated between this and the Netgear orbi with the wall mounted satellites. I am a fan of Netgear, but the implementation is not the best as mobile devices stay stuck to an access point until the signal is just too weak. Static devices are flawless. But I've heard Google WiFi is all the same network is connects to closes/strongest signal.

    On advice on the video itself, try a lens that is not so wide…in you black screen and unboxing scenes your hands and arms are disproportionate to your body. Try a more natural lens. My $0.02.

  19. It's interesting that the biggest advantage of google wifi is the software inside it, smartly allocating bandwidth and making sure everything runs smoothly. However, this is kinda hard to measure. And unlike max bandwidth speed, it's hard to compare the internal software between router brands.

    I'm leaning towards getting the google wifi to replace my 7 year old router, even though it's more much more expensive than other brands with the same technical specs.

  20. I started with my mesh this year and it's been great! I've got one in my living room and another in the master bedroom powering the mesh

  21. Hey dude.. Nice Video – thanks..

    However, do any of you know if i can manage with only 1 mesh? I can see that you connect the first mesh with ethernet cable to your modem. But can i use only just 1 mesh and connect it to my modem/wifi without ethernet?

    Hope you can help, cheers

  22. Can you fine tune the settings on these? Go into a web interface and add the IP address of your own DNS server, reserve IP addresses for certain hosts, etc.?

  23. The app is not available in Mexico, I bought it in the USA and I can not use it in Mexico, do you know when the app will be ready?

  24. I don’t recommend the google WiFi, I’ve had it over 2 years ish now, and the software updates, of which you have no control, have reduced its functions. Here in the UK it no longer supports IPV6 over PPOE which is the system the biggest provider uses in the UK! Google recommend not using PPOE and setting up some state that will double NAT and cause issues on your network. Also it will prioritise streaming video over anything else despite the QOS setting it has.

  25. I have a WiFi router and modem (Netgear 1650 AC) with xfinity 150-250 mb and I have WiFi problema with my router because on the 5ghz that my devices are connected lose WiFi connection even though the devices aren’t far away. I tried resetting several times and updating to the last firmware but it still happens. Can I can get this to connect my WiFi router and modem ?

  26. If you’re looking for something more pro Sumer I’d recommend the unify gateway which switch and access points because you could set them up as mesh and they’re much better in terms of performance. It’s more like a $700-$800 set up but way better for future proofing and expandability. Unfortunately, you can only run one google mash playing in bridge mode and you lose all of the features

  27. Why does google have a separate app for its wifi router? Why cant the router setup be done in google home app? What are the reasons for this ?

  28. I recently bought this to improve my wireless situation on a 3 story home. Now I get full 150 MBPs from verizon whereas before, I'm lucky to only get 40-50 mbps with the router they provided.

  29. A very smooth presentation with appropriate concerns noted. This gentleman is well informed and does a fantastic job of relaying pertinent information. I liked him!

  30. I don't want to spend money on the three pack, but the one pack seems useless. I want to get coverage in my basement because my router is upstairs, but if I only order the one pack I am forced to plug it in right next to my router upstairs. I'm confused… does the one pack come with one to plug in and one to put wherever you want??

  31. I am watching the Google I/O this week to see if they release a new Google Home Wifi hybrid device, if they don't i'm buying the Wifi 3 pack

  32. Do I need a previous router or internet service to use this?
    Or can I use this just on its own?
    (Just moved into a new house.. would love to try this out before committing to an internet service ie att or spectrum)!

  33. Hi guys, does anybody know if all 3 have to be connected to ethernet or only the main one… he said "im going to plug this into a wall upstaris, soooo.. no ethernet right?

  34. I don't have a drop in wifi from what I have noticed but could I get this just to expand my connection? I live in a small house but am considering getting the Google wifi of 3 mesh

  35. I just moved into a house with no cable company connections. Can I still use Google WiFi? Where do I plug the Ethernet cable into?

  36. Thanks for the review! But embarrassingly I am not a technology person AT ALL, so I don’t understand what exactly this is now. I thought it was a way to have wireless without needing a modem (or is it a router?) and all that stuff from another company. But is this simply something that boosts what you already have going on WiFi-wise? Very confused. Sorry I’m new to all of this!

  37. Be warned! This Google Mesh automatically switches channels between 2 mhz and 5 mhz. I noticed my wifi CCTV and Blink CCTV is not compatible as it will not work with 5 mhz. So when it switches automatically to 5 mhz channel your CCTV will stop working. I wish this reviewer pointed out this instead of praising how good it is without pointing out that Google Mesh is not good with devices that only uses one channel the 2 mhz. So please make sure you are aware of this. This reviewer is not totally truthful. I hope my feed back will help with your wifi router choice. Google Mesh cannot use devices that uses one channel the 2 mhz only.

  38. I got at&t 1000 fiber a little over 2 years ago and is was actually close to gigabit at about 800 down and 900 up. Now that everyone in the area has it, it is more like 580 down and 450 up lol. So the google wifi still does about as good as at&t does. Love my google wifi. Hopefully we will see a wifi 6 version soon!

  39. At about the 5:20 mark, you said it has the ability to control with your voice through Google home. I cannot find that info. Can you clarify or point me in the right direction? Great video by the way!

  40. So, i recenty cancelled my service with att ( they wanted to charge me for movies i didnt buy and sunday tickets ) so do i need a internet service provider or is the wifi mesh a stand alone thing

  41. So my why wife's Mac book has connection problems. When I go down stairs and restart the WiFi it connects just fine. But after she's done, and shuts the Mac Book. When she comes back to use it again, say the next day, majority of the time it doesn't connect to the WiFi. Is this a WiFi problem or a Mac Book settings problem.

  42. So you can have a wifi router from a company and this improves it or this is a totally different setup that you have to pay a month?

  43. Question – when you set up your new mesh network, did you use your old SSID and password, so all the devices connected automatically?

  44. Works fantastic as wifi. Easy setup and dependable. Only glitch is that it is incompatible with any doorbell as the wifi switches back and forth between 2.4GHz and 5 GHz. I could find no way to make them compatible. SkyBell rarely works as it is only on 2.4 GHz. Google doesn't seem to work with Ring either so far as I can tell from the internet. If there's a bell it works with, let us know.

  45. I found myself locking on to the Trumpet playing and mentally tuning out what you were saying.
    Why don't you decide what it is that you want your viewers to absorb and STICK TO THAT?

  46. I have a question that maybe you can answer I have a net gear now and has a bunch of ports so I can have my gaming systems hooked into it the Google Wi-Fi doesn’t have that what do I hook up my games to now please help

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