Setting up the IP Address on a FLIR A310 Camera (MoviTHERM MIO)

This video shows you how to set up the IP address on your FLIR A310 camera When setting up your MIO network the camera or cameras on the network must have static IP addresses They also must reside in the same subnet as the MIO The MIOs default IP address is so if we assign the camera IP addresses in the 192.168.1.XXX subnet we should be good to go For the purposes of this video we will assign a static IP address of to our FLIR A310 camera so that it can communicate with our MIO at this point should be noted that our PCs IP address has already been set to this will permit us to connect the pc to both the MIO and the A310 camera after the IP addresses have been correctly configured Let’s get started. Let’s start by launching FLIR IP Config by default the A310 camera is typically configured to obtain IP address automatically. We need to set a fixed or static IP address. Using FLIR IP Config we can select the camera from the connected cameras list and then assign the IP address in the pop-up dialog provided. Set the radio button to specify a fixed IP address and then fill in the target IP address subnet mask and default gateway in the fields provided. We want to assign the address of to the camera so we will enter the IP address and subnet mask accordingly. We also need to define default gateway field so we will enter that in as well click the enter button to activate the changes. A warning dialog pops up to ask if you’re sure verify your settings and click OK After a moment ipconfig locates the camera at the newly assigned IP address that’s all you need to do to set the IP address on your FLIR A310 camera. Thanks for watching and be sure to view the other how to videos in this series for additional tips from setting up your MIO System

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