Vine Director | Like and Subscribe: Ep 2

( DEVICE CLICKING ) ( DEVICE CLICKING ) ( DEVICE CLICKING ) Oh, no, no, no, no! ( CLICKING CONTINUES ) Quit it dawg– Yo, who the fuck put this
on my foot, alright? Are you prankin’ my foot? No, what do you what the f–
dawg, I got one too, alright? This is some of your shit, dawg. Of course I could pull off some
shit like this… but I’ll tell you right now
I did not. I mean, I don’t– I don’t
think it’s that bad. A lot of my male followers have
been asking me to show feet. Um, so… What the fuck? All feet aside, this is
a real fuckin’ problem. Alright? Hey, Dawg, you’re tellin’
me dawg. I got two of these shits now, dude. That’s two. Why do you have another one? Dawg, it’s a long story,
alright? But I’m not allowed within 1,000
feet of Ellen DeGeneres anymore. ( KNOCK ON DOOR ) I’ll take care of this.
Don’t you worry, guys. I just think if you start
posting feet pics, maybe uhh… maybe your followers would
go up. Alright, I’ll think about it. Good morning, everyone!
How’s it goin’? Just who I wanted to see! I got a new friend here. Caroline, Dronez. Dronez,
Caroline. You guys know each other?
Maybe meet– Hi, I’m actually– my name’s
Matt. Oh, I know who you are.
I love your music. Oh, wow, thank you, thanks
for listening. I appreciate it. Okay, I’m just gonna go. I recognize– hold on a second. Hold on, there’s a moment
being created right now. Just a second. Uh, I recognize you from the internet actually. I’ve seen a couple of your
videos… stumbled across ’em. Well I should hope you recognize
me since we follow each other. I know, yeah, that Venmo friend
request I sent was just for fun. I thought it’d be fun if we
were friends on Venmo, too. No, I loved it. Good, good, good, good. Those emojis were spot on. I love this! You guys should collab sometime! Oh. You know…. that’s
a great idea, Skyy! Yeah. That’s fuckin’ brilliant! I’m gonna do a quick collab
with my shower… on the inside of the house
that I’m gonna go to now. Hold– hold on. Did you even
introduce yourself yet? I actually brought her
back here. She was a little drunk so– Oh, what’d I miss out
on last night? It was absolutely nothing.
It was a Zack Jake rager. I was there. Oh, Zack? Zack should come over as well
and he should be in the collab. Um… he really wouldn’t like that. In fact, he definitely
won’t do it. Totally! You should bring
him over. I don’t know, it sounds like
too many cooks in the kitchen… creatively speaking. And…. I-I don’t know about that. Okay! What do I have to do to
get out of this moment? Well, hold on, hold on, before
you go inside, Molly, gift. Yeah? Yay. That’s nice. What are you– Yeah.
Gifts are great, right? [DRONEZ] I love gifts, too. What is it? It’s a VIP bracelet? Yeah. With a– okay, chill. Should probably get goin’. We’re
doin’ a prank over at the house. Well, if you’re not comin’
inside, you should go. Yeah. It was good to see you and
officially meet you in person. It’s really a pleasure. It’s good to see you guys.
I’ll see you around, I guess. Have you ever been skydiving? No, I’ve never gone. Alright, well, if you’re not
coming in the house ya gotta go! Remember, keep it chill,
Premium Ice. Cool. Keep it Premium. Ay, what’s up, fam?
How’s it goin’? The fuck is up with these
house arrest bracelets, Skyy? Seriously, man, what the
hell are these, dude? It’s a– it’s a present
we got ya, it’s a– a BitFit. It, uh, tracks your
heart rate and everything. Also, can probably get you
into Coachella… or whatever music festival
you want to go to. I love that idea, love
where you’re going with that… I was wondering if I could
wear it as a choker instead? Uh, can we put it
around her neck? Uh, no, she’ll die. Okay, let’s keep it on that leg. Dawg, I know an ankle bracelet
when I see it, alright? I have two, alright? Uh, actually i’m sorry but, if this is a whole branding
thing and uh, why do I have one? Uh… This is fuckin’ bullshit. I got shocked, fell down
just like Kobe. I never have panic attacks but
I’m about to have one, okay? ( ALL RAMBLING ) I’m scared. I’m scared and I don’t like how
everybody’s being mean… and I-I wanna feel nice and
not mean, so I’m leaving. ( DEVICE BEEPING ) Hey, hold on, what the fuck
is that noise? What the fuck is– Come back in, come back in.
What the fuck is that? Wait, go back out. Go back outside. Go back out. Turn it off. What are you doing?
I’m trying. I don’t know.
It’s an iPad. We’re all hearing this, right?
You hear this? Come back inside.
I hear this. Molly, iPad now! Yeah, it beeps and I don’t
like these fuckin’ beeps. I don’t have Apple Care so… Beeping, no longer a problem. Yeah, today’s not about
ankle bracelets, okay? It’s about your
social media numbers. They’re bad… very, very bad. But that’s why I
brought my friend… Molly, can you go grab him? [KEEBAN] It says it’s connected,
but my song’s not playing. Okay, well I’m trying. ( MUSIC PLAYING ) Okay! And here we have the most
famous Vine director… in the world, Keeban Tootsie! Hey, party people! Okay! Yes, yes! Here we go! Alright, who’s ready to get
creative? Sorry. Okay, guys. Thank you, so– Wait… it’s… alright… not stopping. Oh. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Alright, thank you. I’m Keeban Tootsie and I’m a
world famous Vine director… and now I’m here to get
your views up, right? We’re gonna be churnin’ out
those videos. There you go! You got it! Stop, stop, stop. We’re gonna be churnin’. Sorry, isn’t Vine dead? The app may be dead, but all
of us from the Vine industry… have gone on to Instagram and other apps. Okay? Now I like to stick to the six
second model, ‘cuz I’m a purist. Six seconds, dude? You can’t get any character
arc or development in that. Skyy, what are we doin’? Yeah… Yo, yo, yo, dude, dude, dude,
dude, dude. Can I can I slide
in for one sec? Skyy. These little skits have gotten me combined 300 trillion views,
okay? Shit, that’s a lot of views. I’ve directed 900
of these videos. So that’s like maybe, like
45 minutes or somethin’? Alright, perfect guys. Well you’re in good hands
and uh, make sure you keep… churnin’ out that content,
as you were sayin’. Dawg. Cody, don’t do that, Cody. Please stop doing that.
Please. You’re ruining it all. What the fuck was that? Hm? Hm? Yeah, what’d you just
get hit in the eye with? Butter. Boy butter. Ooh. So today Skyy decided to bring
in a Vine director… which is one of the horse
shittiest ideas I’ve ever heard. Alright, this man Keeban
does not know… what the fuck he’s talkin’
about. I’m an international musician. I don’t do skits. Alright, let’s shoot of some
ideas. Okay, well I’ve always had
this idea it’s sort of like… an expectation versus reality
scenario where I get all… my girls together and we’re all
in bikinis and/or naked… and we’ll just blur it
in one side and then… on the other side, we just put
on a pair of glasses… and we’re like “Oh, we’re
nerds.” Are your friends hot? They’re so hot! Then it’ll work! It’s really funny when a
hot girl does an ugly face. Like this? And just holds it,
right? Okay, so what about
one where it’s like… C’mon. …when the Bae is pizza. Ohhhh. Yeeah. You got somethin’? You got like a dude who’s
getting’ a text from like Bae… and like he’s gonna respond,
but then he puts his phone down. We like reveal that Bae is
behind him with like a Glock… Nine to the back of his head and
then just pulls the trigger… and just blood spatters
everywhere. Yeah, yeah, yeah, because Baes
are always like… “why didn’t you text me back
right away?” Exactly. I know you’re holding
your phone all the time. Baes are like that though. Yeah, that’s awesome. I didn’t know you guys’d
be this good at this. This is great. Today’s gonna be a bunch of bullshit, but Dose came to play. And we’re smiling… and roll… and action. Huuuuh? Cut… um… What? Your Bae is gone for just a
little bit and you notice that.. his phone’s there, so you
have to grab it faster. Can you do that? That’s what I did. No, I’m watching and that’s
not what you did. You’re doing great, by the way. This isn’t the first project
I’ve been on… where I’ve had to pick up
the slack. Case in point. Action. Huh? Bae, is that my phone? This uh– this isn’t working
for me. Alright, cut, cut, cut it. Keebler, Keebler.
Oh my God. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? I mean, what’s my motivation?
How long have we been dating? Or have we had sex yet?
Are we intimate with each other? Like what’s goin’
on here between us? You’ve been dating for a year. One year, okay. You’ve had a lot of sex. Dronez is acting like
a fucking lunatic… and it’s literally hilarious. When I commit, I fucking commit.
That’s Dronez. And action. Bae, is that my phone? What?! Ahh. Do I have a line? I don’t know…. What the fuck am I doing here,
dude? What is he doing here? Alright. You’re the tag? What’s that mean? You’re the one who’s gonna
relate to him… being like, “This ain’t my
problem.” I have no lines up
until the very end? Okay, um, why don’t you let me
know what you think about this.. when you wake up tomorrow
morning… with 100,000 more followers? You understand what I’m sayin’? Alright, dawg. I would never say this
out loud… but the vine is actually
pretty good. Bae, is that my phone? No! Oh! People think the main
character… the protagonist, has all
the power. The supporting character
has the power. Cut to the supporting character,
you could finally laugh. Yes! Oh my– dude, that ending. Dude. It was crazy cause I looked cute
even when I was being goofy. That’s important. Wow. Congrats you guys! Like I went into this not
being like proud of it… but I’m really proud of the work
we did. Sorry, guys, I gotta take this. So real. Dude, way to shoot that. It did! [DOSE] Honestly, that
honestly looks great. Hey! Zack, baby, what’s up? Hold up, hold up, hold up. Look at this. What? No, no, no. No, I’m not– I’m not
with them with them. I’m just– I’m just
collaborating. Don’t say that. Don’t. Please. Zack, don’t. Zack? Hey, you guys, um… it was
really fun today. It was uh great job. Made some great content. Uh, just remember to post
it and tag me, alright? I just, I got– I gotta go. Wait, what? Where are you going? Was that Zack Jake? Where you goin’, dude? Actually, maybe it’s
best you don’t tag me. I thought we had somethin’. Don’t leave. [KEEBAN] I gotta go. [AUTOMATED VOICE] Door open. I sold this house. He was the fuckin’ realtor! I fuckin’ knew it, dude!
And the butler! Holy fucking shit! Today was great. Not really. Hey, uh maybe tonight’s the
night I uh get to sleep… in the the corner of the bed? Dawg, absolutely never. Hey I had so much fun
making those videos today. Did you have fun? More than I expected… but less than I would generally
consider to be fun. Oh, and Dose, if I had to live
with anybody in the house… it would be you. Take that back. Goodnight, Dose. This is awesome. We woke up to our phones
absolutely blowing up. Let’s be real, we wouldn’t all
be here if it weren’t for me… being the thumbnail of the
video. I am the success story. Ay dawg, I’m puttin’ this on
the record, Dose now does skits. I think it was just
crazy how relatable it was… like that’s what
we’re all here doing. That’s what we’re all craving. That’s what we’re all thriving
for, to relate to those young… 10 to 16-year-olds in
the digital space. What up, Zackers, it’s your boy
Zack Jake, you already know. So these guys moved
in next door… and they are jacking my shit…
which ain’t cool, okay? What the fuck? Is that us? They steal one of my directors
and think they can just make… the same shit? Well, that’s not
gonna work. The fuck is he talking about? That wasn’t really true. I’m asking for your support,
I’m asking for your love… and I’m asking for you
to dab on them haters. Yo, please come dab on me, dawg.
Please come dab on me, dude. That’s the best way to
get back at the haters. So bottom line is,
I’m takin’ these clowns down. And we got some new merch
comin’ out, so peep the bio! Kinda worried about this
Zack Jake child… comin’ into our territory. I should’ve secured the
perimeter. Worried about Caroline, too,
man. He better not mess…. Oh my God. I’m so sorry to interrupt. Did you just say Caroline again? Yes, I said her name. You’re obsessed with her. You love her. Please– would you please
leave the room for a minute? You fucking love her, dude. You shouldn’t be in here
right now. That is so, so sad for you. So off limits that
you’re in here right now. ( DEVICE CLICKING ) Agh!

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