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Hi guys, this is Tim Queen. And today we’re going to talk about successful
marketing on LinkedIn and what you shouldn’t focus on. Now, a lot of times when I talk to other people
about LinkedIn marketing, you often have people like getting obsessed about likes and comments
and shares and the number of views they got, and this is often something they are also
trying to sell to customers and it’s completely wrong to focus on those metrics. Because what you have
to see, it matters far more who is seeing your posts versus how much engagement are
you generating? You can literally get 10,000 views and make zero sales or 100,000 views.
If those are coming from the wrong people, it’s not helping you and your business. What I’ve found in my own business, that’s
independent of the number of views, likes and engagement. The number of business inquiries
was far more likely linked to me actually matching a specific topic. Now, here’s the
key, how this works, but you have to find a topic that is talking to a potential customer
and is connecting part of their reality. What is going on in their life, something
they’re worried about, something they want to solve, somewhere they want to go, and with
something you have to offer. So, you have to bring those two worlds together in your
social media post while being still entertaining and educating enough at the same time so you
are getting the right amount of engagement. Here’s the key, from the right people. You
don’t want to write a post for the sake of creating engagement. I can write all kinds
of posts. I can talk about all kinds of funky topics, and you’re going to see, you will
attract a ton of people on LinkedIn and you get 10,000 likes or million views. It doesn’t matter because you’re not going
to get any business inquiries. I just want to tell you about this little story. Now,
there was this girl last year, she had over 4 million subscribers and she was not capable
of selling 36 tee shirts to her audience. And that’s the thing, the difference. That’s the big secret. It doesn’t matter how
many followers you have, if none of them can afford to buy your services. If anyone comes
to you and tells you they can get you millions of views and ton of likes and engagement,
ask them how many of those users actually turn into customers? Because the answer is,
for 99% of those LinkedIn experts who are teaching you how to create engagement,
you’re going to get crappy engagement that is not turning into any sales. It’s much more
important to actually know how to craft the right message that is speaking to the reality
of just the right people who are just in the right mindset who are just suffering from
real problem and then communicating your ability to help them through storytelling. This is far more important. I notice there’s
a big silent majority of people reading the post. They’re not going to like it. They’re
not gonna comment on it. They’re not going to share it, but they’re going to send you
private messages. They’re the ones that go onto your LinkedIn profile to send your connection
requests. Those are the ones who are looking up your
LinkedIn profile, finding your website, researching about all the stuff that you’re offering,
and then sending you an email afterwards. So let me know in the comments. What do you
think about engagement versus results? If you want to learn more about LinkedIn marketing,
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Now if you want to learn more, I also put like two videos up here and here that you
can check out, which contains some of my most important tips, how to succeed with LinkedIn
marketing. So make sure that you check both of them out
and see you in the next video.

1 thought on “Why You Don’t Get Customers on LinkedIn | Tim Queen

  1. Tim, it completely makes sense what you’re saying here. It is still perceived by many people though, that views, likes, comments and shares are a way of the engagement measure because those who stay silent – don’t comment on or like the post, basically keep being hidden. They don’t contribute actively to the engagement. It leaves the author of the post clueless about someone who doesn’t express their opinion publically being actually interested in the product or service offered in the post. But like the saying goes – you never know who keeps an eye on you 🙂 .

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